How to wear the beret correctly?

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The beret is making a comeback on the catwalk, it has become an ultra chic fashion accessory that is gaining in popularity. But wearing a beret is not always that simple because there are many ways to wear it. Indeed, this type of hat can complement your wardrobe, and add an elegant touch to your outfits especially when worn with certain styles.

So, don’t ignore it, just learn how to wear the beret properly, with style and class.

Proper way to wear and position a beret

The first step in learning how to wear a beret is to understand exactly how to position it on your head. 100% California based, Brixton brand offers different types of stylish hats for men and women including berets.

  1. Place the beret on your head with the brim about an inch and a half from your ears and 3/4 the height of your forehead. The back should come down to the back of your neck but fit snugly.
  2. Tuck in the brim. Push the brim up and under, pulling the brim fabric down so it is not visible. The brim is very small and located on one side of the beret brim
  3. Position the beret correctly. Pull one side of the beret down and over your ear so that it appears properly slanted.
  4. Adjust the beret until you find proper balance and search. Adjusting a beret is an art form in itself. There is really no “right” way to pave a beret, it is what you think is best. Pulling the beret further above the ear just creates a more dramatic look, but it also makes it flatter. Pull the top of the beret down to reduce the slant and achieve a fuller look.
  5. Secure the beret to your hair. Use a bobby pin or other method to make sure it doesn’t move. Berets are notorious for slipping and if they are loose, or if you have ribbed hair, do not wear a beret without pinning it to your hair. This results in constant adjustments that can ruin your look.


How to choose a woman’s beret?

You too, find that the beret for a woman is the height of elegance in terms of hats, but you do not know which one to choose? It’s a question of size, because there are many types of berets, materials and colors. Discover the different models of berets and how to choose yours.

Berets for all tastes
This emblematic hat of French culture has an undeniable charm, which adds a touch of chic to an outfit when you opt for the classic woolen model. By choosing it in a flashy color, it will give a little touch of fantasy to a wise look.

For women who prefer a softer hat with a bohemian flair, the knit beret will look great with jeans or a pretty floral dress.

If you’re looking for comfort and warmth for winter, don’t hesitate to choose a beret made of fleece material; it will be soft, while keeping a nice shape, and it comes in many colors, with small feminine details that will give elegance to your outfit.

And if you’re still wondering where to buy a woman’s beret, we recommend Traclet hat shop, which has such a wide selection that you’re bound to find the one that will accompany you this winter!

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