Household Planning For A Clean and Orderly House

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The maintenance of a house is often an ordeal and a cleaning schedule can be difficult to conceive. A mandatory task that must be done daily, cleaning takes up a lot of our time. To feel good in your home, you need to have a clean and orderly interior. But where to start? How to organize your housework? I provide you with my tips and steps to follow for a house at the top. Find my ideal cleaning schedule to download for free at the end of this article.

Organize the cleaning of your house

You spend hours a week cleaning your house. Washing the floor, cleaning the windows, sorting the papers exhausts you and you disperse yourself without really reaching the goal: to have a pleasant house to live in. I went through this process and found a way to organize the cleaning of my house with a large family.

No more time spent in the same place without cleaning certain rooms for months. I have opted for an efficient housekeeping schedule that I try to follow seriously. This way, I am less stressed and more present for my children.

Organize your cleaning by room

Opt for an organization by room to avoid getting lost in the cleaning of the whole house:

  • Living room: set aside a time each day to tidy and clean your living room. It is the central room of the house and also the one where the most traffic is (with the kitchen). You will have to make a point of keeping this room clean every day. I’m not saying that you have to mop the floor every day, but a quick sweep or vacuum is quick. Picking up toys and clothes will only take a few minutes. Your children can help you with this task. If you do it daily, all you have to do is wash the floor once a week and dust.
  • Kitchen: every other day, wipe down your cooktop, countertop and sink with a sponge (or other specific product). This will make it easier to clean the entire kitchen once a week.
  • Entrance: put away shoes daily. Invest in bins, one for each child (find this tip and many others in my article on family organization). Sweep daily to remove any dirt brought in from outside. You’ll only need to wash the floor every 6-7 days.
  • Bedrooms: have your kids make their beds as soon as they wake up (if they are old enough). Make your own 😉. Vacuum every week. You don’t need to mop or vapo daily in the bedrooms since there is less frequent traffic.
    Bathroom/Washroom: a good cleaning, once a week, is enough. Unless your children are the kings of toothpaste throwing!

This is for the main rooms. Depending on your house or apartment, organize the cleaning of other rooms as needed. Obviously, this cleaning schedule by room is indicative. It is up to you to establish the organization of the household tasks to make you feel comfortable in your home.


Flylady method

To organize yourself better, draw a diagram of your house room by room. This will give you an overview of all the tasks to be accomplished. You will be able to determine cleaning zones. Another method is to clean by zone according to a well determined organization. This is not what I practice at the moment, but this American method has proven itself. I’m talking about Marla Cilley’s FLYLADY method, for a simple and efficient organization. I will test it for you soon.

Becoming a cleaning pro

If you stick to your established organization, you will develop certain habits. You’ll be more efficient and won’t waste time thinking about where to clean and where to start. Becoming a cleaning pro also means using the right products to clean thoroughly without damaging your home. Take the time to know the cleaning and protective products according to the materials of your furniture and floors. This way, you will avoid unintentionally damaging your home.

My cleaning routine

Ahhhh. My cleaning routine! If I used to feel bad about cleaning my house, now I’m well organized. Cleaning is no longer insurmountable. Here is my cleaning routine:

  • Every day: make the beds, vacuum the DRC, wash the dishes, air the rooms.
  • Every 2 days: take out the trash, wash the clothes, do the superficial dusting, clean the stove and the sink.
  • Every week: clean bathroom and toilet, change sheets and towels, wash floor and windows, vacuum rooms, clean kitchen and microwave.
  • Every month: wash the fridge, clean the oven, wash the garbage cans, sort the papers.
  • Every 6 months: clean the house, sort clothes, defrost the freezer and clean the outside. The spring one gives your house a thorough cleaning.

I especially love (big word 😅) cleaning on Saturday mornings for weekly housework. This way we can enjoy a clean house every weekend. It only takes me 1.5 hours since I keep my house tidy every day (with the help of my kids and spouse). By doing my cleaning routine 15 minutes a day.

I must confess that I do not do the ironing (YES!!!). I delegate this task. This saves me a lot of time.

A cleaning schedule to better organize myself

My entire household routine is written on a household task schedule so that I don’t forget anything. It is easy to refer to it in case of doubt. So I don’t forget to clean my oven every month. My house is then impeccable and well maintained.

Household planning application for the most connected

For the most connected, you should know that there are cleaning applications. I haven’t tested them yet, that’s why I don’t recommend them for the moment. It will come soon.

What you need to remember to clean your house efficiently:

  • organize your cleaning by room ;
  • set up a cleaning routine;
  • create a cleaning schedule and stick to it.

You are now ready for an efficient and headache-free cleaning. Comment on the article to share your tips and advice. Simplify the organization of your household chores with a cleaning schedule. Save time and enjoy your clean and tidy home.

And then, it is always possible to call on a cleaning lady if these daily tasks are real chores for you. There are tax advantages when you hire a home help. This is calculated according to your resources and your desires.

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